other projects

  • The Fisherman and His Wife

    A hip hop retelling of the Grimm’s fairy tale for string quartet, drums and actors.

  • De Rerum

    A mytho-Deleuzian hip hop lecture on the beginning of the world and civilization in the spirit of Lucretius’s 1st century De Rerum Natura.

  • Lucretia

    A popera-seria in three acts.

  • Bonnie Brae Tierkreis

    A full evening of music extrapolated from Stockhausen’s Tierkreis music-box melodies for oboe, bassoon, bass, guitar, harp, clarinet, piano, drum set, electronics and voice.


  • 27 October 2013

    The Fisherman and His Wife with Washington Square Winds, Spectrum NYC (121 Ludlow), 2pm

  • 5 August 2013

    Songs and Songes at Berkshire Fringe Festival (Great Barrington, MA).

  • 5 January 2013

    Songs and Songes (Grimm’s Songs) at the Stone, NYC.

  • 7 and 11 September 2011

    Songs and Songes and Eleventh Night, two concerts of new works, as Spotlight Artists-in-Residence of the Lucerne Festival Academy [Switzerland].

  • 15 May 2011

    The Rake’s Progress with the Metropolis Ensemble at the MATA festival [NYC].

  • 30 April 2011

    Lucretia, a popera seria in three acts, at NYU [NYC].

  • 21 March 2011

    The Fisherman and His Wife with the Brentano Quartet at Princeton University [NJ].

  • 15 January 2011

    The Fisherman and His Wife, The Rake’s Progress [workshop version], and Babinagar, with the Franklin Quartet and Kevin Sims at Columbia University’s Remixing Opera conference [NYC].

  • 9 January 2011

    The Fisherman and His Wife, the Rake’s Progress [workshop version], and Babinagar, with the Franklin Quartet and Kevin Sims at a private home [NYC].

  • 13 December 2010

    Dover [Gloucester] with Peggy Kampmeier and Conor Hanick at Princeton University [NJ].

  • January-February 2010

    Living room concert tour: over a dozen performances of Alcestis, Babinagar and Beatles reinventions in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Ft. Worth with Mollie Marcuson and Alison Fletcher [TX].